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Jay W. Richards, Ph.D, wrote the article “Is There Merit for ID in Cosmology, Physics, and Astronomy?,” which argues that Cosmology, Physics and Astronomy scientifically support the theory of intelligent design. The idea that the universe is expanding and thus had an origin is supported by evidence and generally supported by the science community. Because there was origin, theory implies that there also must have been a cause for the start of that origin. In both physics and astronomy, the conditions of life are very specific, and if any of the factors that come into play are not exactly as there are, then life would not have been possible.

-Although it does support the argument of ID, I feel that this particular argument is weak, because one cannot assume that the world was designed for life, when there are a good deal of planets that do not support life, and just happen to be on one that does. I would prefer if this article went into further detail about the conditions that will support life.
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