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Review the articles you have gathered over the past eleven weeks; which are useful? Which are not? Where can you synthesize ideas across articles? What research do you still need to begin? Post notes about your status to your personal DW account by midnight Friday.

In-class sources:
Knoblauch-educational theories-generally useful
Educator of the Future-more general usefulness
-Knoblauch and Edu of the Future could be synthesized as complimenting each other, and Lebeda and "Student's Guide" could be synthesized by comparing the different disadvantages of each type of school.

Outside previous research:
"Student’s Guide to Taking Back the Classroom”(DW)-useful for cons of public school portion, very specific (socialization) useful (addresses socialization, other), but refers to a potentially good source: "But What About Socialization? Answering the Perpetual Home Schooling Question: A Review of the Literature,” by Susan McDowell of a book, book would be very usefulHome Educated and Now Adults: Their Community and Civic Involvement, Views About Homeschooling, and Other Traits by Brian D. Ray value for this essay

A lot of sources refer to the issue of socialization, in which case the sources would either support or develop each other's arguments.

-I need to find articles that better support and also specifically address the pros of flexibility, differentiation, and love of learning.
I will most likely address the issue of socialization in my paper as well.


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