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Tentative thesis: Climate change should begin at the domestic level, with the individual goal of a self-sustaining, greenery-replenishing way of life.

“The Island in the Wind” by Elizabeth Kolbert-Pro wind power, about an island entirely run by wind power
Introduction To Permaculture by Bill Mollisan-Self-sustaining agriculture, energy, and architecture
“State Solar Panels Are as Big an All Outdoors” by Marla Dickerson-Pro individualistic solar power, independent from "big energy"

-Wind, solar, hydro and other forms of power supply should be utilized in ratios that are best suited to the local area.
-New architecture should take advantage of natural heating cycles to reduce energy use.
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“A Closer Look at Climate Change” by Charles W. Schmidt is about scientists and the general public view climate change in 2010. One problem that scientists are dealing with is that the public has developed a small sense of distrust of scientists because if a scientist says that global warming is not occurring because of human activity, then those scientists are viewed as siding with the oil companies because of funding. There is also a huge amount of difference between scientists’ opinions about the causes and speed of global warming. Economic and political factors are also at play, in that it might be more cost-effective to pay for green technologies in the future, when they will be further developed. There is also a definite trend that less people think that global warming is occurring, but this may be partially due to social factors.


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