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The article “The Creationist Down the Hall: Does It Matter When Teachers Teach Creationism?” by Randy Moore and Sehoya Cotner is a scientific study over college freshmen’s views toward evolution and creationism and how they were taught in their high school biology class. Several results suggested from the study include that an unexpected amount of students were ok with creationism, students’ past experiences with the way creationism and evolution was dealt with in their high school highly influenced their views on these two topics, and biology majors and nonmajors views on creationism and evolution were similar. In addition, creationist teachers seem to be more common than previously thought.
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In the article The Pros and Cons of 'Intelligent design', Martin Poulsom argues that Intelligent Design is a more correct interpretation of the origin of life. He also argues that the counterarguments proposed against intelligent design are incorrect. Poulsom begins his argument by defining intelligent design and how relates to creationism and evolution. He then references several fallacies against intelligent design argued by various scientists and gives reasons why they are incorrect. He also identifies which aspects of the organ of life neither intelligent design nor evolution can explain. He then analyzes intelligent design from a theological perspective.


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