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Mary Alice C. ([personal profile] mcrouch) wrote2011-02-13 08:43 pm

Article Synthesis Example

Kolbert argues that the reason such large scale wind power got accomplished was because it became a community effort. Dickerson, however, argues that solar farms are much more cost effective than individual and home solar panels. Although these two sources disagree on who should purchase the energy sources, they do agree on a more fundamental issue, which is that energy is most should be produced on a large scale.

--I might be revising my thesis again. :)
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[personal profile] hmemily 2011-02-14 06:01 pm (UTC)(link)
A thesis is never really finalized until you stop working on the paper, so don't worry if it keeps shifting on you.

Your synthesis here looks good; one thing you might want to do is include some of your sources' actual words--paraphrase has its place, but sometimes the actual language can be even better.